Moez Elmostafa (sometimes referred to in the news as Moez Mostafa or by his full first name of Moezeldin) was an African-American cab driver who picked up Reade Seligmann when he left the party at 610 North Buchanan Boulevard. Since the cab ride occurred during the time that Crystal Gail Mangum claimed she was attacked, Elmostafa came forward as an alibi witness for Seligmann.

Shortly after coming forward, Elmostafa was arrested on an unrelated, two-and-a-half-year old warrant. He was tried and found not guilty. The circumstances of the arrest and Elmostafa's testimony suggest that it was an attempt to discourage him from serving as a witness. According to Elmostafa, the detective who arrested him asked if he had "anything new" to say regarding the lacrosse case, and when he said no, took him to the magistrate.[1]

Circumstances and motivation of the arrest

Different parties in the investigation have offered differing and conflicting accounts of their involvement with the arrest of Elmostafa:

  • Mike Nifong claimed, in his State Bar deposition, that he directed Linwood Wilson to do a background check on Elmostafa, and that the warrant was discovered during that background check.[2]
  • Linwood Wilson claimed that he discovered the outstanding warrant through an anonymous telephoned tip which told Wilson to check for a worthless check allegedly made by Elmostafa.[2]


In the November 2007 Reader's Digest named Elmostafa as one of their "Everyday Heroes".[3]


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