H\'nemthe NEGAS

A Mokra

The Mokra are a species native to the planet Mokra. These humanoids resemble Kradians in that they have cone-like appendages of their heads. That is where the resemblance ends, though. Kradians only have two cones, while the Mokra have four. The Mokra have blue-gray skin, and their faces are covered with three ridges of bone and skin running from their cheeks to their chins. They have graceful noses and feathery eyelashes covering bright green eyes. The Mokra are not Force-sensitive, as are the Kradians. The females also have silver, knife-shaped tongues, which are used as part of a bizarre mating ritual. When a female consummates her relationship with a male, she eviscerates him with her tongue, leaving him for dead. It is believed that this ritual is a biological reaction to the existence of twenty males for every female on Mokra.

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