Moktar Exosuit


Stat Modification:

  • Agility :: -1
  • Dodge :: -2
  • Stealth :: -2


  • Strength: 5


  • 2 Medium on Plates
  • 1 Large vs blasters on Electromesh
  • 2 Small vs other on Electromesh


The Moktar Exosuit is really several layers of protection in one, each offering its own unique qualities. The innermost layer of the armor is formed from a Uni-Environmental survival suit. It is a multi-purpose survival suit designed to protect the wearer in a number of different hazardous environments. It affords a high level of protection in planetary environments, keeping the user safe from extremes in heat or cold, humidity or dryness, and also gives a measure of defense against mild levels of radiation.

Upon this, a lightweight, glossy black and form fitting layer of electromesh armor is added. The exosuit incorporates tiny power cells, which the electromesh armor uses to generate a damage absorbing electrical field around the wearer. It is effective against most energy weapons, discounting lightsabers. These two layers allow for maximum flexibility.

However, flexibility isn't always valued above protection, so the Moktar Exosuit also adds several plates of Arkanian Bond Armor over various parts of the wearer. These plates are made from a bonded form of laminate that makes them very durable, though somewhat inflexible. As this is the case, they are used sparingly throughout the suit to ensure freedom of movement.

This version of the armor includes full HUD output, an internal datalink, and a long range comm unit. The datalink can be used to tap into the BHG system and DaedalusNet, and also has all the functions of a standard PAL, allowing for hands free use. To compliment its environmental abilities, the suit also can provide a totally sealed and pressurized enclosure with two hours if independent oxygen supplied, allowing it to act as a space suit when required.


Exterior Helmet Bay

1 VUs

Interior Helmet Bay

1 VUs

Exterior Torso Bay

2 VUs

Interior Torso Bay

2 VUs

Exterior Forearm Bay

1 VUs

Interior Forearm Bay

1 VUs

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