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Hello!! this is a page, about the ever so majestic mole!! You know what i bet? i bet that one day MOLES WILL RULE THE WORLD!! and they will order better dirt to dig in, and things like that. you know what i like just as much as moles? DUCKS!! They will rule alongside moles oneday. so DONT SAY I DIDN'T WARN YOU!! 'COZ I AM WARNING YOU RIGHT NOW!! but there is no need to feel threatend because Super Grover will save the day!! and you know what? Elmo will help!! ovcorse the world will go into total cayos, but hey, its pritty boring right now. oh, and watch out for a realy weard looking, pink and orange and blue and green polkadotted mole. hes an old friend of mine, you know its him 'coz he screams out 'HEY YOU YOUNG WIPERSNAPPER!!' in mole at you.

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