A few days later, Molly returned to do her work at Norramby branch line. She felt pleased to return, because her job taking lumber was a bit unpleasant, and felt glad of a change. That morning, she had done her passenger runs, and arrived at the sheds to rest. There, Molly found she was the only engine left at the sheds.

Molly: Good. That'll give me time to rest for my afternoon off.

And she closed her eyes to rest, but not for long, when Marzipan woke her up.

Marzipan: Molly! Are you awake?

Molly: {yawns} Yes.

Marzipan: We're going to take coal to the mines, some fruit to the depot, and cargo from the harbor to Wellsworth.

Molly: {stirring} Right-o. {She barely leaves the turntable, when she stops suddenly.} What's happened? I feel so weak!

Marzipan and Homstand inspected Molly all over. It only took a few minutes.

Marzipan: You've got a leaking cylinder. It's not too bad. We can patch it up tonight.

Molly groaned. She felt tired when she prepared her coal trucks, and saw Dennis taking coal trucks, too.

Molly: Dennis! I've got a leaking cylinder! Can you help me take my coal trucks to the mines?

Dennis: I'm sorry, Molly. I've got a delivery to make.

And Dennis left, leaving Molly very upset. She started off well, but soon the strain on her boiler was beginning to tell when they reached the hill.

Molly: {out of breath} It's never... been this bad... before!

Molly struggled hard, but at last came to a stop, and Marzipan backed the train down. Molly felt pleased after a rest and a drink.

Molly: What will happen if I do that again?

Marzipan: It won't happen again. We're getting a banker this time.

Soon, Molly's banker arrived, in the shape of a very worried blue Stirling single. It was Olivia, Emily's younger sister.

Olivia: Are you okay, Molly?

Molly: No. I've got a leaking cylinder. I need help to get up the hill.

So, Olivia pushed and Molly pulled. At last, Molly made it to the coal mines, and there was Zack, the Holmes J83 tank engine.

Zack: Are you okay, Molly?

Molly: {grunts} I'll be fine. I just need some care and attention from the broom girl.

Marzipan: {from in the office} I HEARD THAT!

Zack: Even so, you do need that left cylinder looking at. They'll probably send you to Crewe, like they did with Henry.

Molly: {grumpily} Bah! I'm fine, I can be fixed at our sheds!

Norramby has a big shed, but it's not well equipped to deal with overhauls. When Henry was away for a new shape, he too had been sent to Crewe, but other locomotives like Spencer, Gordon, and Flying Scotsman would also have to be sent to Doncaster or Darlington, the big engine works at the old London and North Eastern Railway. Molly would probably be sent to Arsleed herself, but she was convinced Marzipan could repair her in Norramby sheds.

Soon, Molly was ready for her second job - taking fruit to the depot, when she saw Neville about to leave with Jamie, Kathy, and Lucy.

Molly: Neville, wait! My left cylinder's hurting me bad! Can you help me take the fruit to the depot?

Neville: I'm sorry, Molly. I'm running late and I've no time help!

Molly was more upset than ever, even more by the time she reached the depot, some of the fruit was bad, and could not be sold.

Depot Worker: Some of this fruit's horrible! You need to be sent to Arsleed for repairs!

Molly simply grimaced, and set off for her third job in the afternoon, taking cargo to Wellsworth yards. When she arrived, Zack was here, taking side rods on a flat bed.

Molly: Zack, stop! Can you help me take the cargo to Wellsworth? My cylinder's hurting even more!

Zack: The ships been delayed because of rough seas, and won't arrive until tomorrow.

Molly felt pleased, and was glad to have some time off. As she went back to the sheds, she found Eagle was pulling an afternoon train, but had broken down.

Eagle: Where are you going in such a hurry?

Molly told Eagle all about wanting an afternoon off, and all about Dennis, Neville, and Zack.

Molly: I thought friends helped each other, but they were all too busy to help me!

Eagle: That's because they've all been helping me! I broke down, so Dennis brought my special coal, Neville took my passengers, and Zack brought be a new side-rod.

Molly was surprised, and knew she made a mistake. Dennis, Neville, and Zack had been helping a friend after all.

Molly: They were all helping you? Is there anything I can do to help you, Eagle?

Eagle: But what about your rest? Your cylinder's leaking!

Molly: It doesn't matter, helping a friend is much more important. What an I do?

Eagle: I need you take my coaches back to the main station.

Molly: I don't know if I'll be able to move them, but I must try!

Molly coupled up to the coaches. She pulled as hard as she could. Her cylinder was getting worse, but Molly didn't feel it. Soon, Eagle's coaches began to move.

Eagle: Thank you, Molly! Sorry about your time off!

But Molly didn't mind. She was helping her friend, and it was better than time off any day. When she returned home, Mr. Jarrow was waiting for her.

Mr. Jarrow: Molly, I heard about your cylinder, and I'm very pleased with your hard work and determination today. I'm sending you to Crewe for an overhaul and a new cylinder.

Molly felt very happy. The next day, she went to Crewe for her new cylinder. And when she came back, her yellow paint glistened in the sun, a new cylinder gleaming on her left-hand side, and she was smiling cheerfully.

Zack: Molly, you do look better!

Molly: {grinning} It was a nice, painless job! I can go back to work now.

And so, she did. Pulling her goods and passenger trains, Molly carried on as normal, and whistled at all the stations. She did her trains so well that James was jealous.


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