Henry's forest is a lovely place to be. There is wildlife, wild animals, trees, and grass. Molly had to help Henry take some lumber to the saw mills, to build a new station. Molly didn't like the job very much. She, like Henry, loved the forest.

Molly: Can't we hurry up? You know I hate this job!

Marzipan: Don't be too impatient. We have to wait until the lumber's loaded.

Molly: Yeah, and your son's very patient.

Marzipan: {losing patience} At least he doesn't rush around like Thomas does!

Molly blew her whistle impatiently, and as the lumber was loaded, she set off too quickly. The lumber spilled off the trucks, and Molly had to stop.

Marzipan: Molly, you fool! Our train could've derailed! Now we'll have to wait until help arrives.

Molly: Well, this can be declared as a job that turned into s**t!

Soon Neville arrived with the breakdown train, and they started to clear up the mess.

Neville: Well, Molly, I knew your train would spill!

Molly: {annoyed} Neville, just shut up.

Neville: All right, I'll clear up! Sheesh...

Soon, the mess was clear, and the lumber was tied down properly. But it didn't improve Molly's temper. She bumped and banged the trucks hard, and the lumber shook. Suddenly, there was something near the line. Molly stopped to look, and Marzipan and Homstand got out the cab to see the problem.

Homstand: What's that tree doing close to the line? That's dangerous!

Marzipan: We must proceed with caution.

Molly: Can't we go fast? This tree won't even crush me! I am the last of my kind left!

But Marzipan and Homstand ignored her, as they got into her cab.

Molly: {annoyed even more} Not very talkative, are you?

Still, no answer, and they moved on past the tree slowly. Once the brakevan was clear of the tree, there was a crash, and the tree landed on the rails. Neither Molly nor her crew had heard and kept on. They arrived at the saw mill, and Molly was ready to return for her next load. But when she arrived at the site, she heard a whistle. It was Henry, and he crashed into the tree!

Molly: Henry, what happened?

Henry: I was taking a load of logs, and as I drew near, I heard a crash, and my brakes wouldn't hold, and I crashed into this tree.

Marzipan: {leaping out of Molly's cab} Now, what? Our load's going to be even later!

Just then, a new signalman showed up. Then he, Molly, Henry, Marzipan, Homstand, Homeschool, and Strong Sad tried to work out how the trains would get through.

Molly: What if I try to push away some of tree off the track?

Homeschool: I don't know, it could damage your buffers.

Molly: At least we should try! I'll try pushing from the left-most line.

Henry, Homeschool, and Strong Sad watched as the surviving Holden D16 pushed the tree off the track. It was hard work, but at last, the tree moved, clearing away from the track that Henry was on.

Soon, the two engine crews and the signalman helped Henry back on the rails. His four front wheels were derailed, so they had a little trouble. Henry, Homeschool, and Strong Sad raced off to find Rocky. Molly smiled to herself.

Molly: That was an easy, painless idea I came up with! The middle line must be clear in case of other engines coming along!

Henry returned with Rocky, and Rocky lifted the tree off the tracks. The signalman was impressed.

Signalman: What clever engines they are! I couldn't have thought up a better idea!

Soon, the loads were delivered safely, and Molly returned to the sheds. Neville and Eagle backed down next to her, one on each side, and very tired.

Neville: Phew! Thank goodness we're not as busy as that every day!

Molly: {grinning} Sorry you're tired! I thought you older engines had determination! What you need is...

And she told them about her adventure with the tree.

Molly: that's determination! Never mind - some of us have it, and some of us don't. Good night!

And she went happily to sleep.


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