Mom was born on September 9, 1963.


Mom's Sister: Ohhhhhhhhh...

Grandpa: What's wrong, honey?

Mom's Sister: I broke my legs. Then I'm so fat.

Grandpa: Go to doctor now.

[at hospital...]

Doctor: The doctor is here.

Mom's Sister: You look like Mr. Tom.

Doctor: I know. Okay, Mom's Sister. Push, push, push. [finally, the baby pops out of Mom's Sister's stomach] Congrats! It's a girl. What's her name?

Grandpa: Mom.

Mom's Sister: Let's bring our baby girl home.

[age 1]

Grandpa: Enjoy Christmas in 1964! Say hi to camera, Mom.

Mom: Hello, world!

Mom's Sister: Merry Christmas!

[age 4]

Mr. Tom: Okay, class. Today we'll learn about bones.

Freddy: I'm going to slap Mom. [slaps Mom really hard]

Mom: Oww! Freddy slapped me! [bawls loudly]

Mr. Tom: Freddy, go to the time-out corner.

Freddy: Okay, Mr. Tom. [sighs]

[age 5]

Mom's Sister: Happy birthday, Mom. You're five years old. Have some cake.

Mom: Oh, boy! Cake! I'm so hungry! [jumps on top of the cake and squishes it very flat]

Grandpa: Oh, no! Mom!

Mom: [pops out of the cake, covered in pink frosting] I'm here, daddy! [giggles]

Mom's Sister: [glares at Mom] Silly all babies. [chuckles]

[age 9]

Grandpa: Enjoy Thanksgiving in 1972! Say hi to camera, Mom.

Mom: I want to eat my food now!

Mom's Sister: Happy Thanksgiving! [chuckles]

[age 17]

[Mom's parents died from a subway crash]

Mom: [sobbing] Good-bye, mom and dad!

[R.I.P.: Grandpa and Mom's Sister [1899 - 1980]]

[age 19]

[Mom has her foster parents Kidaroo and Sophia]

Mom: Hiya, foster parents!

Kidaroo: Hi, Mom.

Sophia: [mimics her husband] Hi, Mom.

[age 26]

[Kidaroo and Sophia ground Mom for the very first time]

Kidaroo: Go to bed now because you're grounded forever!

Mom: No-no, mom and dad! Stop grounding me!

[age 49]

Mom: Now I'm a very ordinary hero who is completely strong! Bye-bye! Thanks for watching my timeline! [chuckles]


Air Date

March 6, 2013

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