Monarch was formed by Emers, the leader of a guild called Quest, who was bored with his inactive guild and wanted to create one with the help of some friends, Darkspawn, Delea, Phobox, and Kurtt. As time passed, more and more friends joined Monarch. Phobox assumed the leadership, but got hacked and decided to leave Monarch. The following leader who took his place was Darkspawn.

Monarch's disbanding

It was a day like any other day, everyone was happy together, the guild channel was active. In just few weeks we all became very close to each other. Until the day when Darkspawn spoke the shocking news that he planned to disband Monarch, for he was offered to lead the Liches of Archinare Academy and it had always been a dream of his to become a member of the Liches of Archinare. Reactions to this news were mixed, with many passionately enraged and others happy for their friend.

Monarch's recreation

Monarch members spent many days guildless before Emers had the idea to recreate the guild. He arranged long discussion together with a few other old Monarch members. The main problem was the leadership of Monarch, since the entire leadership of the old Monarch was gone except for Emers. It was decided then Emers should be the new King of Monarch and Monarch was recreated on November 22, 2004.

War with E Reavers

A new guild called E reavers was starting to cause trouble with Monarch. They declared war upon the guild and gave the members 24 hours to disband. In those 24 hours they killed Nace skywalker, who was a Monarch member at the time. The war was accepted and started. Monarch suffered devastating losses against them, and many within the guild admitted that it was losing the war. The war continued few weeks, until the E Reaver leadership contacted Monarch about a truce. As was suspected, E reavers had the ability, but not the will, to continue the war. It was mostly accepted within Monarch that to continue fighting would be useless, so the truce was accepted. Although Monarch members were not proud about the result of the war, they were proud of the loyalty they had seen.

A long time passed in peace, some members left new members joined. Until once again the situation repeated.

War with the Orchai Devir

Main article: Monarch war against Orchai Devir

Dorien created a new guild, the Orchai Devir. Shortly thereafter they killed some Monarch members and posted a declaration of war. Yet again, Monarch accepted the war. Darkspawn, who was retired, rejoined Monarch to help in the war. Monarch lost the Edron battle because of Emers' mistake, which was to charge the enemy without even informing his guild members he would. As he did, his members all followed and as result a big loss for Monarch. The crisis intensified for Monarch, some members even was thinking about paying themself free. If it continued the way it was, members would leave and the war would be lost. Kel-Thuzad had plans for an attack, but had doubts. He was a vice, but couldn't be responcible for more deaths. After he discussed it with Larry Blanka and Legolas, they agreed with his plan. This gave him the confidence necessary to execute it. In that attack, Monarch killed the leader (Dorien) and Terarin, while the rest of OD was hiding in pz. The success in this attack radically changed the public's perception of Monarch. Some days later, Rahamu involved himself in the war and talked with Yuodow and some other members from OD. Shortly later, peace was made.

War with the Ortus Valeo

Main article: Monarch War against Ortus Valeo

A group of Orchai Devir members discontent with the way the guild was run left the guild and formed their own, and called it the Ortus Valeo. The guild was created by close friends, but they began to invite others as well. It quickly came to be regarded as the second most powerful guild on Lunara. Ganma was then killed in the Orc Fortress. A meeting was held, and after the meeting it was clear that Ganma's death should be avenged. That night, Hagin was at hydras. He and Shiver were trapped and killed there. Tylin was chased through the desert and escaped. That night, the Ortus Valeo declared war on Monarch. Core and the Liches of Archinare later joined as well and brought an end to the war.


Main article: Conlegium

After the war against the Ortus Valeo ended, Core and Monarch had a meeting and decided to merge and form Conlegium, though neither Monarch nor Core ever disbanded, and when Conlegium finally collapsed due to inactivity and loss of members, most members returned to their respective original guilds.


Monarch remains one of the most influential guilds on Lunara. Their home on Lunara is Sky lane, guild 3, in Edron.

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