A Mondasian

The Mondasians are an alien race native to the planet Mondas, the Mondasians are short-statured humanoids with protruding lower jaws studded with short fangs and tusks. Their toothy maws have earned them the nickname "Snaggletooth." Their physiology is indicative of their environment, although it is somewhat unusual. The harsh, frigid conditions on Mondas have given them thick skin instead of heavy fur. This skin is formed of special membranes that open and close pores to regulate heat loss, in response to temperature differences. Mondasians don't sweat, since their skin doesn't exude moisture. They also don't suffer from frostbite. The adaptations of the Mondasians to their environment makes them excellent scouts and trackers. They have evolved a high level of genetic technology, a result of their intense desire to breed out undesirable characteristics. The Mondasian biology produces two offspring at every birth. Normally, the birth results in one male and one female child. However, a flaw in their genetics - the so-called Blood Code - produces twin males once every several million births. Only 200 such births have been recorded in Mondasian history, but all have led to trouble. The flaw reveals itself in one of the male twins, and usually causes the male to become emotionally unstable. It mutates the male throughout his lifetime, resulting in an sociopathic individual capable of destroying Mondasian civilization. Thus, the Mondasians strove to discover the possibility of twin males and what causes one male to be flawed.

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