Monster Clubhouse Soundtrack is a Sesame Street album that was released on January 1, 2003.

Track listing

  1. It's the Monster Clubhouse
  2. Welcome Song
  3. Honk Your Nose, Touch Your Toes, Spin Around, and Strike a Pose monster music
  4. Snack Time Song
  5. Elephant Song
  6. Turn Around and Fall Down
  7. How Do Monsters Hug
  8. Monster Pants Dance (Jump, Wiggle, Jump)
  9. Turkey Dance (Peck and Gobble)
  10. How Do Monsters Brush Their Fur
  11. Alphabet Song in Monster and English Language
  12. Furry Feelings Song
  13. Flapping Dance with the Duck
  14. Just Say Narf
  15. Furry Shapes Song
  16. Furry Animal Sounds Song
  17. How Do Monsters Scratch Their Backs
  18. Dance Until You Hear the Bell artists skip
  19. Hop Hop Stop
  20. What Happened Last Meeting
  21. Do the Penguin Boogie
  22. Roll Call
  23. I Want a Monster to Be My Friend
  24. Monster Good-Bye Song

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