Castaras is set after well known films and cartoons such as Monsters inc, The Incredibles, Looney Tones Show, Penguins Of Madagascar and Tom & Jerry. The Story goes set in mid 2011, When Lyndsey quits being part of the Lost 7 team and manages to bump into old friends Daphne and Scooby, they then get themselves in a massive explosion, set up by Baboon (Skunk Fu!). Baboon then offers his new villians such as Morgana, Syndrome, Mr Burns and others to capture and kill the goodies.



Ray Liotta provides the voice of:

  • Tommy Vercetti, An ex crimanal moved to England from Vice City. Tommy is seen in GTA Vice City. Tommy appears in Castaras Babys aged 6 and in Castaras Long After as an adult.

Tara Strong provides the voices of:

  • Lyndsey Longmoore, A girly girl, who loves pretty things. She is an 15 year old who was a spy along with her brother and sisters. Lyndsey seems to have a rivalry between Daffy Duck. Lyndsey appears in Castaras Babys as a baby and in Castaras Long after as an 21 year old.
  • Melody Triton, An 15 year old mermaid princess. Melody is seen dating Henry Hopwood from Horrid Henry. Melody appeard in Castaras Babys as a baby and in CLA.
  • Bubbles Powerpuff, A cute, small girl who hates villians and bad stuff. Bubbles appears in Castaras Babys as a baby and in CLA as an 21 year old.
  • Nibbles Mouse, A cute baby mouse from Tom and Jerry. Nibbles is seen as a ditsy but clumsy mouse. (NOTE: Nibbles's name was Tuffy and he spoke French. but now He's American/English) Nibbles does not appear in Castaras Babys due to him not being born, but is in Castaras LA.
  • Shaun The Sheep, A funny, cleaver sheep. Shaun is decided to talk in this cartoon, not only saying Baaa. Shaun appears as a baby lamb in CB and a adult in CLA.

Geoffery Rush provides the voice of:

  • Captian Hector Barbossa, Former owner of the Black Pearl. Barbossa is the eldest of his friends. He appeard as a 7 year old in CB and 27 year old in CLA.

Johnny Depp provides the voice of:

  • Captian Jack Sparrow, A ruthless pirate, but is amired for his smartness. He appears as a baby in CB and an adult in CLA.

'Ronni Aconna' 'provides the voice of:

  • Sheeba, A stylish female cat, who is a member of Pet Squad. She is dating Tom from Tom and Jerry. She is a baby kitten in CB and a grown cat in CLA.

Jeff Bergman provides the voice of:

  • Daffy Duck, A greedy, still obessed jelouas duck. Daffy has a rival relationship with Lyndsey. He is a baby duckling in CB and a grown up in CLA.

Jennifer Tilly provides the voice of:

  • Tiffany Ray, the ex-girlfriend of Chucky. She is a 5 year old in CB and a adult in CLA.

Frank Welker provides the voice of;

  • Scooby-Doo, A great dane from the Scooby Doo series. Scooby is a 5 year old pup in CB and a grown dog in CLA.

Grey DeLisle provides the voice of:

  • Daphne Blake, A member of the Scooby gang. She is 5 years old in CB and adult in CLA.

Sarah Vowell provides the voice of:

  • Violet Parr, Lyndsey's best friend. She is in film The Incredibles. She is a baby in CB and and adult in CLA.

Taijja Isen provides the voice of:

  • Betty Barrett, a smart girl who is a Galactic Guardian in outer space. she appeared as a baby in CB and an adult in CLA (Atomic Betty:The Future Is Now version).

Richard Kind provides the voice of:

  • Tom, A witty cat, Tom is living life without being irritated by Jerry now. He is dating Sheeba Cat. H appears as a baby in CB and in CLA as an adult. (Richard also voiced Tom in Tom & Jerry:The Movie)

Yeardely Smith provides the voice of:

  • Lisa Simpson, A intellegant, music obessed girl. She is a baby in CB and grown up in CLA.

Mary Gibbs provides the voice of:

  • Boo, A cute 2 year old girl, who appeared in 2001 film Monsters Inc. She does not appear in CB due to her not being born. but is in CLA.

Russi Taylor provides the voice of:

  • Pebbles Flinstone, A cute 1 year old. Pebbles can talk more now, but still baby-talk. She is not in CB but is in CLA.

Joules De Jongh provides the voice of:

  • Skunk, A kung fu trainee. Appeared in Skunk fu. He appears as a baby skunk in CB and an adult in CLA.

Joan Cusack provides the voice of:

  • Jessie The Cowgirl, An fun loving, but irritating cowgirl doll. She appears as a baby in CB and a grown up in CLA.

Tom Hanks provides the voice of

  • Woody The Cowboy, A sheriff in Grand Canian. Was betrayed by "Best Friend" Buzz Lightyear. It may be known that Woody is now dating Jessie. He also appears in CB and CLA.

Chris Rock provides the voice of

  • Marty, A 15 year old zebra from New York City. He appears as a baby in CB and an adult in CLA.

Sean Connolly provides the voice of

  • "Horrid" Henry Hopwood, A funny mischevious boy who likes to be horrid. He dates Melody. He appears in CB as a baby, and a adult in CLA.

Scott Neilson provides the voice of

  • Voltar, A ex evil doer. Has an irritating voice. He appears as a baby in CB and an adult in CLA.

Tom McGrath, Jeff Bennett, John DiMaggio and James Patrick Stewert provide the voices of

  • Skipper, (Tom McGrath) The leader of the four penguins. He appears in CB and CLA.
  • Kowalski, (Jeff Bennett) Cleaver one of the penguins, appeared in all CB and CLA.
  • Rico, (John DiMaggio) Love bombs, speaks jibberish.
  • Private, (James P Stewert) Kind and small penguin.

Tom Felton provides the voice of

  • Draco Malfoy, a former snobby Hogwarts student. he appears as a baby in CB and as an adult in CLA.

Edward Longfur provides the voice of

  • John Connor, a 15 year old who is the terminaters target. He appears in CB as a baby and in CLA as an adult

Cameron Diaz provides the voice of

  • Princess Fiona, A fiesty ogre princess. She appears as a 4 year old in CB and a grown ogre in CLA

(Villians): Only in Castaras

  • Baboon, (Skunk's enemy) voiced by Paul McLoone
  • Morgana, (Melody's enemy) voiced by Pat Corrol (NOTE: Morgana has feelings for Baboon.)
  • Spike, (Tom's enemy) voiced by Jake D Smith
  • Freddie Mouse (Nibbles's enemy) voiced by Billy West
  • Mr Burns, (Lisa's enemy) voiced by Harry Sherareer
  • Waternoose (Boo's enemy) voiced by Kelsey Grammer
  • Preston, (Shaun's enemy) voiced by John Altman (Note: Preston also talks in this)
  • Charming, (Fiona's enemy) voiced by Rupert Everett
  • Snape (Draco's enemy) voiced by Alan Rickman
  • Kirstie Sherret (Lyndsey's enemy) voiced by Fearne Cotton
  • Chucky, (Tiffany's enemy) voiced by Brad Dourif
  • Dr. Blowhole, (The Penguin's enemy) voiced by Neil Patrick Harris
  • Skullossus, (Voltar's enemy) voiced by Colin Murdock
  • Syndrome, (Violet's enemy) voiced by Jason Lee
  • Alex the lion, (Marty's enemy) voiced by Ben Stiller
  • Buzz Lightyear, (Woody's enemy) voiced by Tim Allen
  • Stinky Pete, (Jessie's enemy) voiced by Kelsey Grammer
  • T-1000, (John's enemy) voiced by Robert Patrick
  • Davy Jones, (Jack's enemy) voiced by Bill Nighly
  • Tia Dalma, (Barbossa's enemy) voiced by Niaomi Harris
  • Yosemite Sam, (Daffy's enemy) voiced by Maurice LeMarche
  • Mojo JoJo, (Bubbles's enemy) voiced by Roger L Jackson
  • Scrappy-Doo, (Scooby's enemy) voiced by Frank Welker
  • Maximus IQ, (Betty's enemy) voiced by Colin Fox
  • Mother Goose, (Sheeba's enemy) voiced by Ronni Aconna
  • Sonny Forelli. (Tommy's enemy) voiced by Tom Sizemore
  • Andy Prank, (Nev's enemy) voiced by Glen Davies

Supporting cast

  • Maria Towers, A rich woman who looks after the babies, She appears in CB and only one episode in CLA.
  • 'Ernest Smallwich', Maria's butler, He only appears in Castaras Babys.
  • Maude Hansen, Maria's rival, she once ran a care home and hates kids. She appears in CB and in GTA:Vice City.
  • Emma (Granny) Webster, Regular cast in Looney Tunes, Maria's former babysitter. Only appears in CB in two episodes
  • Baby Bugs Bunny, Daffy's friend from Grannys.
  • Baby Lola Bunny, Bug's girlfriend and Lyndsey and Violet's best friend. She appears in Castaras in the episode "Lola Returns".
  • Baby Taz Maniandevil, a playful tazmanian devil, lives with granny.
  • Baby Sylvester Cat, a kitten who likes to chase baby Tweety.
  • Baby Tweety Bird, a small yellow baby canary, likes to outsmart Sylvester.
  • Baby Petunia Pig, Melissa's best friend, likes to hang around with baby Draco.
  • Baby Melissa Duck, Petunia's best friend and has a crush on Daffy, likes to tease the other children and possibly a attention seeker.

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