Here is the first part of the Monsters Inc clips and the Great Mouse Detective audio.


  • [Opening: The caption says, "London 1897". The camera pans slowly through a small town. A monster drawn carrige drives by. The monster snorts and roared as the focus moves on the carriage and slow zooms in on the Celia's Toys. Inside the Mike and Celia Mae our celebrate small rocking horse. Celia wearing his apron.]
  • Mike/Olivia: You know, Celia. This is my very best birthday.
  • Celia/Hiram: Ah, but I haven't given you your present yet.
  • Mike/Olivia: What is it? What is it?!
  • Celia/Hiram: Now, now, close your eyes. [He moves back to small cupboard as Mike tries to sneak past my fingers.] Uh, uh, uh, uh, Auch, no, no, peeking now!
  • Mike/Olivia: [laughs] Oh, Celia! You made this just for me?
  • [Inside those a Fungus like a red monster slowly approaches will evil laughed.]
  • Mike/Olivia: You're the most wonderful mother in the... in the world. [The tender was locked will door begins a rattle to grinning. What's that?!
  • Celia/Hiram: I-I don't know! Quickly, dear, stay in here and don't come out!
  • [The Fungus bursts in through the window and crashed! Celia and Fungus fight attacks, Mike cracks the door and watches in terror shutting the door and pushing back here.]
  • Fungus/Fidget: Now I gotcha, toymaker!
  • Celia/Hiram: Oh, Michael!
  • [Mike pushes against the door, a door closing. Then Mike creaks the door open and steps out. The shop was dark, and everything will big mess, Mike going over the window, then calling out to the Celia.]
  • Mike/Olivia: Celia! Where are you?! Celia... Where are you?! Celia! CELIA!!
  • [Mike starts to cry, it's also a echo in the night, the camera zooms out. And finally the opening credits.]
  • [Scene Ends]

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