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  • Mike Wazowski as SpongeBob SquarePants
  • James P. Sullivan as Patrick Star
  • Needleman as Squidward Tentacles
  • Smitty as Mr. Krabs
  • Celia Mae as Sandy Cheeks
  • Archie the Scare Pig as Gary the Snail
  • Randall Boggs as Sheldon J. Plankton
  • Roz as Karen
  • Dean Hardscrabble as Mrs. Puff
  • Boo as Pearl Krabs
  • Charlie and George as Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy
  • Brock Pearson as Larry the Lobster
  • Chip Goff as The Flying Dutchman
  • Art as Patchy the Pirate
  • Paulie(from 1998 movie Paulie) as *Potty the Parrot
  • Swordfish(from Finding Nemo) as Elaine
  • CDA Agents as Police Officers
  • Ms. Flint as SpongeBob's Mom
  • Derek Knight as SpongeBob's Dad
  • Other Monsters as Bikini Bottomites
  • Scarers as Pirates
  • Mr. Waternoose as The Strangler
  • Johnny Worthington as Squilliam Fancyson
  • Claire Wheeler as Mindy

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