• Buena Vista. 5 reels. Flat/1.85. Technicolor depot.
  • Attached: Return to Neverland #2. Star Wars Episode #2 teaser. For the Birds (Pixar short).
  • Enclosed: Harry Potter. Ice Age. ET. Rookie. Snow Dogs. Stuart Little. Jimmy Neutron.
  • There's a threatening-sounding memo enclosed about how the attached trailers are supposed to play immediately before the feature and without any "intervening material." Presumably, this means that any "feature presentation" tags would go before (!) the trailers.
  • And, yes, the total running time of the attached and enclosed trailers exceeds 20 minutes.
  • Attached :Return to Neverland
  • Also sing in the can of reel 1 was some advert(or part of an advert) for I think it was some disney attraction in florida. It stayed in the can.

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