• Sulley: Oh, you-you like this? Fetch!
  • Boo: (squeals)
  • Mike: Ugh... Ohh! Hey, hey, that's it! No one touches little Mikey! (Then Boo starts whining)
  • Sulley: Mike, give her the bear.
  • Mike: (cries) Oh, no!
  • Boo: (Starts screaming, then lights goes over the window)
  • Mike: Make it stop, Sully! MAKE IT STOP!!
  • Sulley: Oh, see the bear? Aw, nice bear.
  • Mike: Sulley!
  • Sulley: Shh... Oh, bear, oh / Oh, he's a happy bear / He's not crying or neither should you / Or get trouble 'cause really were find us! (Then Boo stops whining) So please stop crying right now.
  • Mike: Good, good, Sulley! Keep it up, you're doing great!
  • Sulley: Oh the happy bear no...AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! She's toughing me!
  • Mike: Sulley, the bear! The bear! Give her the...aaaaaaaaaaah!

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