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This is what Stacy's has glucose 6 Phosphate Dehydrogenase Deficiency (G6PD). This is the chemo she has received so far Carboplatin, Vincrisitine, Eprirubicin. Actinomyocin, cycophosphamide (intravaneous). Oral chemo cycophosphamide and Etopside 50mg 3X a day for 3 days. Then she stopped etopside due to leukaemia and had vinrolbine for a monthly had to stop all chemo due to it spreading and on she is on celexbrex its not anti-cancer drug but anti inflammatory drug with an agent to stop her blood veins feeding the tumors and its also a pain reliev

Age: 11

Sex: Female

Race: Black

Country: Ghana, Africa

Passed Away: 21st October 2005

User: Kalimac

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