Montgomery Street (formerly Mill Road) is a street in the North Side of Highland Park, New Jersey. Back in 1888, this road used to be known as Mill Road extending from North Fifth Avenue to what's now River Road. The name was changed to Montgomery Street (name change information is unavailable) but extends from North Fifth Avenue like Mill Road stretches to Lincoln Avenue near Walter Avenue. Notable places include the Highland Park Middle-High School and the Library at the North 5th Avenue terminus.

The intersections begin with the southern terminus at Lincoln Avenue, then comes North Second Avenue, North Third Avenue, and finally North Fourth Avenue. Although its not marked, the stretch from South Fourth to South Fifth Avenue is actually under the name Mill Road. However signs do mention that it is Montgomery Street. This section of road holds one 3-way intersection with the on-ramp to the High School. There is also the access to the middle school on this road.

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