The Month-by-Month Plan was proposed by Hadrius Cul in response to the October War. It called for the continuation of the story through a series of summaries and numerous topics to cover events month by month for 6-9 months in the years 46-47 ABY. It is still in effect and its success yet to be determined.

Origins of the Plan

Hadrius Cul had originally designed a similar plan for the Lost Year, with 12 RP months being condensed into one RL month and letting characters roam freely within that time period. After the RL month, the pace of the story would resume at its original pace, letting the story get back on track. This plan was designed to be placed after the end of Black General's War to give the galaxy a year to catch its breath.

Background (The October War)

Outline of the Plan

As posted by Hadrius Cul on 23 October 2007:

From the discussion of events, person(s) would type up a series of highly detailed, likely long, and incredibly epic, posts, to describe the overall events of the next 6-9 months of the story.

A forum, with 6-9 forums, one for each month of time we 'skipped ahead' would be created, and each seperate character could post in 3-4 topics per month, to flesh out details along the way. Just, none of the topics would be able to contradict the things the discussion turned into story.

A second new forum would be created, with 12 sub-forums, one for each month of the time compressed year. Same rules for 3-4 topics per character per month, would apply. This, until our 2 months of condensed time, would be the new present day, of the site.

This allows for the galaxy to begin to recover, and for us to begin to build some new story arcs, since our other main ones have been badly damaged.

At the end of the two months real time, we resume regular speed, hopefully with some new direction. The 2 new forums, and their sub-forums, would stick around, so we can continue to fill in more details, along the way.

The Plan is Discussed and Accepted

The Plan in Action

Month 1

Month 2

Month 3

Future Months

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