Sakai is an online Collaboration and Learning Environment. Many users of Sakai deploy it to support teaching and learning, ad hoc group collaboration, support for portfolios and research collaboration. Sakai is a free and open source product that is built and maintained by the Sakai community. Sakai's development model is called "Community Source" because many of the developers creating Sakai are drawn from the "community" of organizations that have adopted and are using Sakai.

Nuvvo is your way to teach on the web. Sign up for free in under a minute. Your free account comes with a host of easy-to-use features so you can customize the look of your portal, build engaging courses, enroll students, and track how they're doing. You can even publish your course to the Courses Market, where the world comes to learn. To learn more, why not enjoy the 5-minute Tour? If you need extra features like integrated e-commerce, multi-instructor support or advanced customization, you can upgrade to Nuvvo Plus or Enterprise at any time, with no commitment. Everyone knows a little bit about something— this free eLearning service is designed to bring out the teacher in all of us.

2006: the year of Moodle

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