Moonset cd
Released August 2011
Genre Rock/Pop
Length 33:10
Label Darts Records
Catalog # TMR 0015


"The Darkest Danilo Album" is an easy way to describe the sounds of this album, that although the atmosphere is just completely negative, each song has its own style of sadness, anger or resignation and also all share a different vision of the history that is behind "Moonset". The Cure's album "Faith" suddenly appears in our minds when we hear the gloomy air in every song, a kind of project Danilo tried to do with "Blackened Light", but most of the songs from the album reveals the differents styles of music Danilo does. The first single "Oceanus Procellarum" was inspired on the biggest "spot" in the moon that has the same name. This translates into "Ocean of Storms", a great way to describe the horrible feeling that was feeling that time. Danilo says about this song that "it is one of that POST-ROCK songs i have made in its whole structure". One of the songs that helped in the success of this album is "What You've Done", the first song featuring another artist: Marcelo Almendra. The chords from the beginning of the song and the guitar solo were made by Almendra, while Fratondi made the chorus chords and the lyrics. "What You've Done" became a huge hit though of Almendra's disagreement.

The love story behind "Moonset"

Danilo Fratondi knew Micaela Belen Jones "Mika" in July 2010, but they became good friends in August 2010 when Danilo and some other friends helped Mika to date one of the Danilo's best friends. The couple lasted 4 months only, but Mika (trying to not lose her "love of her life", her first official boyfriend and first sex time too) continued seeing Danilo's friend and he only used her and also by the fear of becoming Mika too sad. While Mika, getting closer and closer to Danilo due to his need for someone to discharge her sadness, began to fall in love with her slowly. Circa January 2011 Danilo confesses her love to Mika but she says that she cannot forget his exboyfriend and she cannot give herself entirely being in love so madly with another boy. Danilo tried the next months to convince Mika that the only way to forget one love is having another, but she seemed to not want to forget him. The end of this story began when Danilo's friend come back to be Mika's girlfriend, so Danilo had to stop seeing her and he was forced to get her out from his heart.

Track listing

  1. "Every Broken Arrow" – 4:54
  2. "What You've Done" feat. Marcelo Almendra – 4:33 (Almendra/Fratondi)
  3. "Someone Else" – 3:36
  4. "2549/Ólafur" – 3:38
  5. "Oceanus Procellarum" – 3:20
  6. "The Disappointment" – 5:03
  7. "Let Her Go" – 4:10
  8. "Moonset" – 3:52


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