Light Changes its brightness on 2000 Chrysler LHS

PROBLEM: Light changes its brightness or head lamps go on suddenly on your 2000 Chrysler LHS 2000 model if equipped with auto-lamps or fog lamps

PROBLEM CODE: 83 Loose Connections General Solution: Apply dielectric grease onto the headlamp switch wiring connector.

PARTS REQUIRED: Mopar parts needed: Qty. 1 Part No. J8126688 Description: Mopar -Dielectric grease

PROCEDURE: Replacing headlamp switch will not solve the condition. Here are the highly suggested procedures that directly address the problem step by step.

Step 1: Open the Chrysler LH hood and immediately disconnect the negative battery cable Step 2: locate the left panel of the instrument and remove its end cap. Step 3: lift and remove the steering column covering. Step 4: tilt down the steering column into its lowest position. Step 5: locate the screw and remove it to cluster bezel. Step 6: by now, you should be able to see the bezel mounting screw; however, the items may differ depending on the model. Step 7: locate the instrument panel brow area and remove the two screws at the upper cluster bezel as well as all the remaining attaching screws. Step 8: gently open up the instrument panel cluster bezel by using a trim stick (special tool #C-4755). Step 9: you have to disconnect and connect again the wire harness of the headlamp switch at least three times in order for the contacts to be clean. Step 10: apply a Mopar Dielectric grease, p/n J8126688 to the disconnected wire harness of the headlamp, and into the harness connector terminals. Step 11: now, reconnect the harness to the headlamp switch again. Step 12: after reconnecting, reassemble the instrument panel. Step 13: connect the negative battery cable and adjust the clock to the correct time.

Completion time approximately 18 minutes. Now your lights should operate as normal. Before you buy any new or used mopar car parts online, make sure you check our prices and 120% price match guarantee. mopar auto parts

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