15sturmelle's version of "Blainerific" from the Total Drama World Tour episode "Niagara Brawls".

  • Cast
  • Princess Morbucks(Powerpuff Girls)-Blaineley
  • Comic Book Guy(The Simpsons)-Owen
  • Sedusa(Powerpuff Girls)-Courtney
  • Norm the Genie(Fairly Odd Parents)-Chris
  • Jinx(Teen Titans)-Heather
  • Francis(Fairly Odd Parents)-Duncan


Princes Morbucks: Mor-Mor-Mor-Mor-Morbucksrific, is my name. Dishing dirt is my game. Invading your TV with my Morbucklicious frame!

Comic Book Guy: Mor-Morbucksrific! S-s-so terrific!

Princess Morbucks: I'm fa-fa-famous. Famous!

Sedusa: This is so against the rules, does Norm think we're a bunch of fools?

Norm: Rules? This ain't no Sunday School! Miss Thang up there's a rating's jewel!

Comic Book Guy: Mor-Morbucksrific!

Jinx: M-M-Make me si-ick!

Princess Morbucks: I'm fa-fa-famous. Famous! Get me a half fat, no foam latte steamed to a hundred-two, heat! I'm quite specific.

Comic Book Guy: She's Morbucksrific!

Francis: So-so horrific.

Princess Morbucks: I'm fa-fa-fam-

Robin: Who's that girl again?

Princess Morbucks: WHAT?! Who am I? Who am I?! Who are you? I'm the host of the Puppy Bachelorette! I was nominated for a Gemmie Award! I interviewed you for Celebrity Manhunt! It's a fact and scientific, that I'm still Morbucksrific.

Jinx and Sedusa: She's not so famous, turns out she's not so famous!

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