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Mordecai Throws A Tantrum is a fake episode of Regular Show that was released on January 12, 2013.


Modercai and Rigby are going to Elmo the Red Muppet's video store. He then sees a Best of Elmo's World DVD Collection from 2006. He tries to get it but Rigby says no and Mordecai throws a huge tantrum. Then Rigby drags Modercai out of the store where he is put in his room. Next day Modercai and Rigby go to a CD store and he sees a Spongebob's Greatest Hits CD, since he's a big fan of Spongebob. Then Rigby says no and Mordecai sobs out a big tantrum. Then Benson takes Modercai to jail.

Transcript Mordecai Throws Another Tantrum An Regular Show Dora the Explorer and Finding Nemo Crossover

Narrator: One day, Mordecai and Rigby went to Elmo the Red Muppet's video store. Mordecai spotted a Best of Elmo's World collection from 2006 and he got excited.

Mordecai: Can I have Best of Elmo's World DVD collection from 2006?

Rigby: No, Mordecai, you have too many Elmo's World DVDs at home.

Mordecai: AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! I WANT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (throws up)

Rigby: YOU STUPID MAN!!!!!!!! (he drags Mordecai out of the video store)

Narrator: That night, Mordecai is in his room and he is crying.

Mordecai: (crying loudly) IT-IT-IT'S TOO LATE TO GET MY DVD!!! IT'S TOO LATE!!!

(the next day)

Narrator: The next day, Mordecai and Rigby went to the CD store. Mordecai spotted a Spongebob's Greatest Hits CD, since he is a big fan of Spongebob, and he got so excited!

Mordecai: I want Spongebob's Greatest Hits, NOW!

Rigby: NO! Mordecai, you have too many Spongebob CD's at home.

Mordecai: (crying) AWAHAHAHAHAH!!!! I WANT MY CD NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW!!!!!!! (throws a big tantrum)


Narrator: Benson arrived to see Mordecai.

Benson: Mordecai! What are you doing in the CD store?

Mordecai: I-I-I-I can explain, Benson...

Benson: I'm going to have to handcuff you and take you to jail! For 35 years!

Mordecai: NO!!! NOT 35 YEARS!!!!! (crying)

Benson: (turns red) YES 35 YEARS!!!!!! NOW GO STRAIGHT TO JAIL NOW!!!!

Mordecai: But...

Benson: RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!! (drags Mordecai out of the CD store)

(in jail)

Mordecai: (covered in stinging foam) I WANNA GO HOME!!!!!


  • Elmo is the owner of his video store.
  • Rigby has Ganon's voice when he says "YOU MUST DIE".

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