The Railway Series : More About Edward the Blue Engine

by Christopher Awdry

Previous Book: Cranky the Crane. (January 1st, 1997)

Next Book: More About Percy the Small Engine. (January 22nd, 1997)


It's Only Snow

Thomas encounters trouble in the snow with his faulty snowplough.

Edward the Very Useful Engine

Edward is old, but that doesn't stop him from helping Gordon and Duck.

Edward Off the Track

One day, Edward is very excited. The Fat Controller has given him the job of picking up the band and taking them to a concert staged for the next night. Edward can't wait to hear their wonderful music. But as Edward steams through Brendam Docks, he doesn't notice a crane unloading a huge boiler from a ship. Suddenly the boiler swings and knocks Edward onto his side into a pile of coal. Cranky has been watching and teases him. The Fat Controller tells Edward that he will go to the fitters yard. That night, a storm rolls in while the workmen are trying to mend Edward, leaving him feeling sad and very damp. The next morning, Edward asks if the workmen will be finished soon. The Fat Controller tells him that he won't be fixed in time, and that Bertie will take the band to the concert. Edward feels worse than ever.

Bertie Gets Stuck

Bertie collects the band and sets off. But he finds that the storm has flooded a large part of the road, so his driver decides to take a shortcut across a muddy field. But Bertie's wheels sink in the mud and he can't budge. The band begin to worry that they'll be late to the concert, but the leader has an idea. By now, Edward has been mended and coupled to some coaches. Suddenly he and his driver hear some music coming from the distance, and hurry to see what the matter is. The band is delighted to see their old friend, and Edward promises to get them to the concert on time. They climb aboard his coaches and they set off.