Kids will learn important lessons about trusting in God and handling hurt. Featuring two exciting VeggieTales adventures - Gideon, the Tuba Warrior and The Tale of an Empress, this shows the importance of using our gifts for other people and doing what is right.
More Good Friends DVD cover

"More Good Friends!" DVD cover

More Good Friends DVD back cover

"More Good Friends Double Feature" back cover

Gideon: Tuba Warrior

Bob, Larry and the rest of the gang break out the band gear in Gideon: Tuba Warrior, teaching kids a lesson about trusting in God. The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything host this incredible story of one of the greatest heroes of all time as Gideon is carefully chosen to defend his people against an undefeated army of over 30,000 excessively hairy and malevolent pickles. 

The Tale of an Empress

Played by Petunia Rhubarb and Larry the Cucumber, Huck and the empress both teach kids that no hurt is too big for God! When Hamlin (Mr. Lunt) comes to Persia planning to kill them, Huck and the empress find themselves in deep trouble with Hamlin. Can they escape with their life? Will Hamlin win or will Huck and the empress succeed? Should Huck come to the rescue? Could he stop the problematic situation? Would Huck, along with the empress, a group of the Persians that bow down to the statues of Mayor Asiris, and a small group of peas and carrots armed only with band instruments and flashlights drive off this ruthless gourd? And when the smoke clears and the story ends, who will be left living on the banks of the Mississippi River?

DVD Artwork

Front Cover

Back Cover

Bonus Features

  • A Real Drum Line
  • Gideon Trivia
  • Gideon Storybook
  • Turtle Toobies Game
  • How to Draw Gideon
  • Singalongs:
    • Lance the Turtle
    • Obscure Christmas Party
    • Hamlin's Song
  • Friends of VeggieTales

Scene Index

  1. Countertop Intro Gideon: Tuba Warrior
  2. George Mueller
  3. Ukelele Karaoke with Bob
  4. Gideon: Tuba Warrior
  5. QWERTY Closer Gideon: Tuba Warrior
  6. Countertop Intro The Tale of an Empress
  7. The Tale of an Empress Part One
  8. Obscure Christmas Party with Scottish Larry
  9. The Tale of an Empress Part Two
  10. QWERTY Closer The Tale of an Empress

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