Morenoville's emergence to casino's helped boost the economy, a decision made in the late 80s.


INFO: Morenoville is the second largest city in Riverside County, Douglas Island. It is located in the Builtmore Bay Metropolitan statistical area.

Morenoville is the only city with a connection across the Moreno River. The bridge leads to the highway connecting the city to the southeastern town of Dutton. To the east of Morenoville is the economic center of Riverside County, Builtmore. Caprice is also to the east of Morenoville. Further north of town is Emery and Aspenwood. To the west is Stevenson Pass which leads to Stevenson and further west, Shelter Bay. The Morno River is to the city's south, and the Evergreen Mountains to the west.

The climate is hot, dry summers, with cold frigid winters that can often get quite a lot of snow.


A scene of Morenoville during the downtown depression of the 1970's and 80s.

HISTORY: The town was platted on the northern banks of the Moreno River and struggled with farming. It was not until the Acero Mill started did the town grow and succeed into one of the best communities east of the Evergreen Mountains. The town hit a economic depression which had the town core and income levels drop. As of now, the city legalized gambling within "Casino Row" making it the only city on Douglas Island to allow gambling. This has helped the city regain status, and now a entertainment capital.

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