Morir is a legendary creature residing in Kabau canyon on the land of Rylai. Nearly everyone in the entire Archipelago have heard of Morir but only the people of Rylai tell the legend. This legend is actually fraud set up Kucin so the people would stay away from the Kabau Canyon where he hides PPC. This is the common version of the legend:

The world was filled with evil spirit. The ground is ice hard, no plant can grow, the sky was dark, it was always winter all year long. One day, the queen give birth to a daughter and named her Crystal, she grew into a young maiden. She was mentored by a mage from far north, from a land where there is summer all year long. But her mentor was a holy fire mage, the evil within the wind he breath makes him sick and weak, so after a short while he left the land of Rylai, leaving her a library of books. She studied them all and at the young age of 14, she went out and gather all the evil wind in the land of Rylai and lock them in the mountain of Kabau. But few years later, our princess was abducted and murdered by the people of Matala and so the evil spirit crept out of the mountain in one large gush of the wind that makes a crack in the mountain, creating a canyon and so many of the evil spirit breaks free, again covering the land with snow and winter. But eventhough our princess is dead, her remains spirit within the wind, she always protect us and keep the most evil, dangerous, devastating, darkest and powerful blizzard inside. The name of the blizzard is Morir his breath along the canyon create waves like thunder storm (nafas nya membuat ombak bagai badai)[gw ngerti kok; cuman indonya lebih keren] in the river underneath. No one dares to come near to the canyon, from a far we can hear the voices in the darkest night: "morirrr..."

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