Morris Militan

Morris Militan (Dylan LeMay) is a homeless man who lives in Schenectady, NY. Morris has a large amount of curly red hair, wears a large brown winter coat, and frequently has cocaine on his face. Unlike his good friend Bill Thompson, Morris is generally calm in the COPS satires. He is just as resistant, however; and he likes to heckle authority figures that give him a hard time. As mentioned, Morris is a cocaine user (although he doesn't appear to be addicted) and has appeared high in several SuperNerd films. In the Super Andrew 3 script, Morris is the main villain. Officially, the screenwrites have said that he plays an altruist who raises an army of homeless people around the area. Morris is friends with Bill Thompson, The Legend Rayford Falkner, and the Kevin McCauley bum.

Real life Morris

Dylan LeMay's portrayel of Morris Militan is based on a real life person with the same name. The real Morris has appeared on The Unreal Variety Show with the Legend Rayford Faulkner. In one of the episodes, The Legend follows Morris around with his camera. Morris claims that he is a conducter at the Amtrak train station. Morris also gives incomprehensible responses when asked if he knows "Buck". Morris has been spotted twice in real life by members of SuperNerd Productions. Aaron, Dylan, and Kyle LeMay saw him once loitering around the tracks at the Schenectady Amtrak station. Dylan also saw him rumaging through trash cans at Rotterdam Square mall in December of 2006. It is highly suspected that that the real life Morris is also homeless.

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