The Mother Earth Party is a political party in Vovatra. Its official color is Beige; Beige was selected over Green as representing Earth as a more human figure.


The MEP was founded in September 1 AU. As such, it is the oldest green party in Vovatra.

Political Position

The MEP is a strongly environmentalist party. It supports an immediate end to pollution and an embracing of Mother Nature. It is pacifist and generally supports socially liberal policies, viewing economic restrictions as secondary to environmental restrictions. It is also a generally federalist party.


Like the larger Green Liberation Front, the MEP is a member of the LibFed alliance.


The Mother Earth Party has about .4% of the vote. It has a few local representatives in scattered areas, although none of them play pivotal political roles.

Gov Bold Opp Italic United Left LibFed Spiritual Center Conservative Bloc
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Medium TLA | SP GLF TER | VN | AM
Minor MY | X YU? | LDP AR VSD | MW | PSN | PP | PS | MDR
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