Motlu Patlu is a 2D Hindi animated television series based on the CGI Motu Patlu series which is based on the Lot Pot comics in India. The series was animated by MediaWorks Productions, a production company in India. The series airs on Nickelodeon India. Unlike the past media, this series displays the brothers as teenagers.

Although there is no plans for an English dubbing, the duo did appear in The Little Adventures of Bruno with their actors reprising their roles, being unable to speak English.


The series focuses on two teenage brothers: Motlu and Patlu who have wacky adventures all over the town of Mumbai.


  • Moltu: A fat man who loves eating samosas and his actions caused people trouble.
  • Patlu: A skinny man who believes he is the smartest guy in the city and saves Moltu from trouble.
  • Dr. Jhatka: A Hindu inventor who makes inventions that go haywire too easily.
  • Chaiwala: A chef who is the only one that can make samosas which Moltu always steals from him.
  • Chingham: A police officer who never lets a criminal escape with the help from Moltu and Patlu.
  • John: A poet who wishes to become a toughman but always fails.

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