Mountain Engines is a fan-fiction Direct-To-Video special featuring 4 stories based on the railway series. It is the introduction of the Culdee Fell Montain Engines.


Mountain Engine

Rheneas tells a grumpy Sir Handel should be grateful that he doesn't work on a mountaion railway. Sir Handel doesn't believe souch thing exists, an a arguement ensues until Thomas arrives with Culdee, a queer-looking mountaion engine. When Culdee wakes up, he tells, Skarloey, Rheneas and Sir Handel about his line, and an adventure he had on his first day.

  • Features: Thomas, Skarloey, Rheneas, Sir Handel and Culdee
  • Cameos: Godred, Ernest, Wilfred, Shane Dooniey and Cathrine
  • Introduces: Godred (unproperly), Ernest (unproperly), Wilfred (unproperly), Culdee and Catherine (unproperly)

Bad Look-Out

Duncan is in a bad mood, so Skarloey and Rheneas change the conversation by asking Culdee about his coaches. Culdee tells a story about Godred who calls Thomas. But Godred falls down the mountaion and is sent to the back of the shed. When Harmood and Duncan are scared. Thomas brings Culdee home while Skarloey and Rheneas don't metion the tale Culdee makes it up.

  • Features: Skarloey, Rheneas, Sir Handel, Duncan, Culdee and Cathrine
  • Cameos: Thomas, Shane Dooniey, Lord Harry, Alaric and Eric
  • Introduces: Godred

Dangerous Points

Thomas brings Culdee home and Culdee meets Lord Harry. Lord Harry is a reckless engine with two more engines, Alaric and Eric. Lord Harry doesn't listen to Culdee and derails. Wilfred takes Lord Harry's coaches. Culdee rescues Lord Harry and Lord Harry's name is taken away as a punishment.

  • Features: Ernest, Wilfred, Culdee, Lord Harry and Cathrine
  • Cameos: Thomas, Shane Dooniey, Alaric and Eric
  • Introduces: Ernest (properly), Wilfred (properly), Lord Harry, Alaric and Eric

Devil's Back

Lord Harry's name is taken away and he's No 6. He is sent to rescue some climbers who are injuried. No 6 rescues them. And now he's renamed Patrick.

  • Features: Wilfred, Culdee, Lord Harry, Cathrine, and The Truck
  • Cameos: Ernest, Shane Dooniey, Alaric and Eric
  • Introduces: Truck
  • The music being played when No. 6 is climbing the mountain is the Storm Theme.

Characters Introduced

  • Godred
  • Ernest
  • Wilfred
  • Culdee
  • Shane Dooniey
  • Lord Harry (Later Patrick)
  • Alaric
  • Eric
  • Cathrine
  • The Truck


  • Narrated by Pierce Brosnan.
  • Made in CGI.


  • These are the first stories to be based on the Railway Series sience the episode, "Mind That Bike"
  • Thomas has Donald's role in these episodes.

Characters Featured

  • Thomas
  • James (Cameo)
  • Skarloey
  • Rheneas
  • Sir Handel
  • Duncan
  • Godred
  • Ernest
  • Wilfred
  • Culdee
  • Shane Dooniey (Cameo)
  • Lord Harry
  • Alaric (Cameo)
  • Eric (Cameo)
  • Catherine
  • The Truck (does not speak)


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