Mousie Records was a record company that started in late 2005. It was started by a star of the hit DisMix show, Wild Life!, Austin Catron.


In 2005, Austin Catron, star of Wild Life!, recorded a demo tape and sent it out to many major record companies, including Hollywood Records, RCA Records, Jive, Arista, Interscope, and Atlantic. All of them turned him down, except Hollywood Records, who wanted to give him a contract of two albums. However, before signing the contract, Hollywood backed out. Five executives from Hollywood contacted Catron, and wanted to help him at least record one album. They helped him fund a record studio in the Catron's backyard, and they started work on his debut album, Signature. The company first was based off of donations from friends, families, and fans of the star. Essentially, they recorded a short self-titled EP, which featured three tracks, "Who Are You," "Un-Redo," and "Jingle Bell Rock." The EP was released digitally on December 20, 2005. The EP's tracks were all labeled 'Album Only,' and the EP was able to purchase for only $1.99. In the first week, it sold 3,675 copies, bringing in enough money to lose some reliance on donations. The EP was left on iTunes until January 31, 2006. The EP sold a total of 7,894 copies in the US, and another 1,243 world wide, meaning it sold 9,137 copies all together. The EP hasn't been seen since, anywhere. On January 31, 2006, Catron announced his debut album would be released later in spring, with his debut single, "Who Are You," to go for adds on US radio in February. The song was somewhat successful, and the record company was ready to take on the world. Since then, the company has blossomed into one of the biggest record companies in the world and is best known for their great determination to promote their artists' music.


  • Austin Catron (2005-present) {3 albums}
  • Cayla C (2008-2009) {1 album}
  • Coin Flips (2009-present) {1 album}
  • Gillian Brundin (2006-present) {2 albums; working on 3rd}
  • Halla Atwell (2006-present) {2 albums; working on 3rd}
  • Jessica Hartel (2007-present) {2 albums}
  • JJ (2007-present) {2 albums}
  • John Cook (2007-present) {2 albums}
  • Kelsi O'Mare (2008-present) {1 album; working on 2nd}
  • Power (2007-present) {1 album; working on 2nd}
  • Renee Scroggins (2007-present) {2 albums; working on 3rd}
  • Shawn Kwel (2009-present) {working on 1st album}
  • Tumblers (2008-present) {1 album}

Radio Airplay Share


  • Hot AC: 311 (Only one song received airplay from the company, "Who Are You.")
  • Top 40: 297 (Only one song received airplay from the company, "Who Are You.")
  • Rhythmic: 346 (Only two songs received airplay from the company, "Who Are You" and "Un-Redo.")


  • AC: 34
  • Hot AC: 19
  • Top 40: 13
  • AAA: 342
  • Alternative: 453
  • Rhythmic: 57


  • AC: 27
  • Hot AC: 7
  • Country: 89
  • Top 40: 6
  • AAA: 198
  • Alternative: 286
  • Urban: 486
  • Urban AC: 349
  • Rhythmic: 34
  • Smooth Jazz: 567


  • AC: 9
  • Hot AC: 5
  • Country: 14
  • Top 40: 4
  • AAA: 134
  • Alternative: 201
  • Urban: 219
  • Urban AC: 217
  • Rhythmic: 11
  • Smooth Jazz: 329

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