• Mario (from Mario) as Thomas
  • Toadsworth (from Mario) as Edward
  • Baloo (from The Jungle Book) as Henry
  • Donkey Kong (from Donkey Kong Country) as Gordon
  • Rabbit (from Winnie The Pooh) as James
  • Yoshi (from Mario) as Percy
  • Toad (from Mario) as Toby
  • Diddy Kong (from Donkey Kong Country) as Duck
  • Captain Hook (from Peter Pan) as Diesel
  • Timon (from The Lion King) as Donald
  • Pumbaa (from The Lion King) as Douglas
  • Kermit the Frog (from The Muppet Show) as Oliver
  • Hobart Hume (from Shining Time Station) as Spencer
  • Thomas (from Thomas and Friends) as The Fat Controller
  • Emily (from Thomas and Friends) as Lady Hatt
  • Jay Jay (from Jay Jay The Jet Plane) as Jeremy
  • Sonic (from Sonic) as Bertie
  • Friar Tuck (from Robin Hood) as Terence
  • Budgie (from Budgie the Little Helicopter) as Harold
  • Tails (from Sonic) as Trevor
  • Pete (from Mickey Mouse) as Bulgy
  • Bashful (from Snow White) as Skarloey
  • Sneezy (from Snow White) as Rheneas
  • Grumpy (from Snow White) as Sir Handel
  • Happy (from Snow White) as Peter Sam
  • Sleepy (from Snow White) as Rusty
  • Dopey (from Snow White) as Duncan
  • Doc (from Snow White) as Duke

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