He is not only Chuck Norris's cousin but he made Bruce Lee change the name of one of his films from "Bring the Dragon in to the room" to "Enter the Dragon" due to bringing a dragon into a room violated health and safety rules. Bruce thanked him for his knowledge and named his next film after him...hence the title "The Big Boss"

contributed by Doh

Mario was the stunt double for King Kong.

contributed by sezzie

The dirty apes wouldn't dare put their paws on Mario.

contributed by Rodarama

Mario can drive a car just by thinking about it.

Herbie was a complete fraud. We, the deluded audience, thought that Herbie was a car driving itself when in fact it was being 'thought driven' by Mario from his front room in Warrington.

We was 'ad!

contributed by sezzie

Mario is tipped to be the next headmaster at Hogwarts.

contributed by martenla

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