Movix Kids (Astroblast!) is Pikachufreak's idea. It is where the short-lived Sprout original series, Astroblast!, airs on Movix Kids. Over one season full of 52 episodes.


  1. Comet (Wayne Grayson)
  2. Radar (Joe Gaudet)
  3. Sputnik (Veronica Taylor)
  4. Halley (Gigi Abraham)
  5. Jet (Andrew Sabiston)
  6. Sal (John Taylor)


  1. Spic 'n Span
  2. Smoothie Operator
  3. Take Off!
  4. Oh, Brother...
  5. Bend it Like Radar
  6. Lost and Found
  7. I'll Save You!
  8. Growin' Crazy
  9. Twice the Talent
  10. Building the Perfect Present
  11. Glippi's Visit
  12. Don't Touch!
  13. Are You My Piffin?
  14. Hailey's Wannabe
  15. Sputnik the Spoiler
  16. Don't Fear the Surfboard
  17. Billy Starrider
  18. Sore Loser
  19. Halley Goes Solo
  20. Z-Max Mania
  21. What a Mess!
  22. Beck and Call
  23. Sputnik Takes Charge
  24. The Clean Machine
  25. Comet's Gift
  26. A Star is Born
  27. A Bird in the Hand
  28. How Do You Get to Carnegie Nebula?
  29. Who Let the Stuffie Out?
  30. Lights Out
  31. Shape Up!
  32. Surfin' Space Safari
  33. I Love a Parade…Sometimes
  34. Radar Sleeps Over
  35. Stop Booging Me!
  36. Just Peachy
  37. Hole in One
  38. Treasure Hunt
  39. Something Borrowed, Someone Blue
  40. Be Mine
  41. GamGam Knows Best
  42. Three's a Crowd
  43. Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Alligator?
  44. Sing Along to the Bouncing Monkey
  45. I Feel Fine!
  46. Shoes Blues
  47. Radar for a Day
  48. A Gift From Halley
  49. Best Guests
  50. Puzzle Hunt
  51. Bop 'til You Drop
  52. Kapowsers!

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