LionKingRulez88's movie-spoofs and this is a parody of 1992 animated movie "Aladdin".


  • Aladdin - Mowgli [The Jungle Book]
  • Princess Jasmine - Shanti [The Jungle Book]
  • Abu - Nemo [Finding Nemo]
  • The Genie - Charlie [All Dogs Go to Heaven]
  • The Magic Carpet - Rainbow Dash [My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic]
  • The Sultan - Merlin [The Sword in the Stone]
  • Rajah - Tigress [Kung Fu Panda]
  • Jafar - Lord Rothbart [The Swan Princess]
  • Iago - Archimedes [The Sword in the Stone]
  • Razoul - Amos Slade [The Fox and the Hound]
  • The Guards - Frollo's guards [The Hunchback of Norte Dame]
  • Gazzem the Thief - Master Little [The King and I]
  • The Cave of Wonders as himself
  • The Peddler - Kuzco [The Emperor's New Groove]
  • The 2 Hungry Children as themselves
  • Prince Achmed - The Evil Emperor Zurg [Buzz Lightyear of Star Command]
  • Old Jafar - Doc [Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs]
  • Elephant Abu - Colonel Hathi [The Jungle Book]
  • Snake Jafar - The Great Animal [The Swan Princess]
  • Genie Jafar- Red [All Dogs Go to Heaven 2]

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