In the story of "Kein Schnaps für Tamara" there is a dog named Mowgli. Mowgli does not enter the story until chapter four. Mowgli belongs to an artist (a painter) named Fabrizius, and his daughter Karlchen. Mowgli is a Newfoundlander, a very large, black dog that much resembles a small bear. His name, Mowgli, was given to him while he was a puppy because he hopped around like a small frog. After the tragic death of Fabrizius, Karlchen is forced to leave her home and her dog behind. But not to worry, Obuch returns throughout the book to take care and spend time with Mowgli. Mowgli usually does not like many new people but for some reason he is very fond of Obuch. Mowgli seems to be very protective of his masters, but at the same time very friendly, if he trusts you. He even saves lives when he feels like it. He attacks Udo after he hits Obuch on the head. He saved Obuch's life!

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