LionKingRulezAgain's Movie Spoof Version of "Thomas the tank engine and Friends"


  • Mowgli as Thomas
  • Alex as Percy
  • Colonel Hahti as James
  • Shere Khan as Diesel 10
  • Prince John as Bulgy
  • Shanti as Lady
  • Winifred as Emily
  • Pumbaa as Edward
  • Gordon as Manny
  • Mufasa as Henry
  • Master Po as Duck
  • King Louie as Oliver
  • Buzzy and Flaps as Bill and Ben
  • Tai Lung as Diesel
  • Ellie as Molly
  • Sir Hiss as George
  • Vlad as Spaltter
  • Biazni as Dodge
  • Dug as Bertie
  • Rakifi as Harold
  • Baloo as Donald and Dougals
  • and More

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