Mr.Happy as Roddy St James

Little Miss Sunshine as Rita Malone

Mr.Rude as Sid Malone

Mr.Strong as The Toad

Mr.Bump as Le Frog

Mr.Small as Spike

Mr.Nosey as Whitey

Mr.Grumpy as Thimblenose Ted

Mr.Scatterbrain as Fat Barry

Mr.Bouce as Ladykiller

Little Miss Chatterbox as Mrs.Malone

Mr.Tickle as Mr.Malone

Mr.Noisy as Harold

Little Miss Giggle as Rita's Sister#3

Little Miss Whoop as Rita's Sister#2

Little Miss Naughty as Rita's Little Sister

Mr.Stubborn as Colin

Mr.Quite as Shocky Malone

Mr.Messy as Liam Malone

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