Like the Mr. Conductor's Adventures Movies and all the Mr. Conductor's Adventures series, Mr. Conductor's Adventures of Dragon Tales is a crossover series featuring George Carlin as Mr. Conductor in the Dragon Tales series. Only Thomas Stories from Seasons 1-6 can be used. No stories from Season 7-onwards allowed. Some stories will be used more than once and some will not be used at all.

Main Trivia

  • Each 12 minute episodes will have one (mostly) or two Thomas stories while the single half-four episode "To Fly With a New Friend" has three stories.
  • Mr. Conductor can interact not only with Max, Emmy, Enrique, Ord, Cassie, Zak and Wheezie, but Mr. Conductor can also interact with as well if the certain episode centers on either, like Quetzal, Lorca, Mungus the Giant, Captain Scallywag, Chilly and his snowdog Nippy, Priscilla, Sid Sycamore, Celest the Star, (excluding The Giant of Nod and the villains like Cyrus).
  • It is revealed that Quetzal is an old friend of Mr. Conductor.

Episode 1: ?????

Unused Thomas Stories

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