• From Britt Allcroft Studios and Big Idea Productions.
  • Thomas Stories told by Alec Baldwin and George Carlin.

Thomas Stories:

  1. The World's Strongest Engine (told by Alec Baldwin)
  2. Rusty Saves The Day (told by Alec Baldwin)
  3. Better Late Than Never (told by George Carlin)
  4. Gordon and the Famous Visitor (told by George Carlin)

Guest Stars

  • Wallace and Gromit
  • Fluttershy


Quote 1:

Quote 2:

Quote 3:

Quote 4:


  • Even though Alec Baldwin tells the stories, The World's Strongest Engine and Rusty Saves The Day, George Carlin blows his whistle to start the stories.
  • In this movie, Mr. Conductor, Wallace, Gromit and Fluttershy are with Jonah, helping him deliver God's messages.
  • When the whale swallowed Jonah, it also swallowed Mr. Conductor and Fluttershy and it left Wallace and Gromit on the ship with The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything.

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