This is a show with Mr. Conductor, Sonic, Chris Thorndyke, Tails and more.

The seasons allowed in the episodes are Thomas Seasons 1-7 (Because this series is in the UK).

The bonus songs allowed are seasons 1-8.

Episode 1: Crackin' Knuckles


  • This is not the first Sonic X episode. Chaos Control Freak is. But the creator decided the order.
  • This is the first apperance of Gordon and Thomas.

Thomas Episode

  1. Thomas Gets Tricked

Bonus Song

  1. Thomas We Love You


Knuckles: Eggman said that if we get the Chaos Emeralds we can go home.

Sonic: Eggman can be a trickster ya know.

Knuckles: Do you know what this means Mr. C? I was tricked!

Mr. Conductor: Same for when Thomas, an engine on the Fat Controler's railway, was fooled by Gordon.

Tails: Come on tell the story.

Chris: Yeah! I wanna hear it! I like telling stories about Gordon to my friends.

Mr. Conductor: Well. Let me tell you all about it. (blows whistle as smoke appears on screen)

Ringo Starr: Thomas is a tank engine who lives at a big station on the Island of Sodor.

Episode 2: Sonic To The Rescue


  • This is the first time that James makes an apperance.
  • This is the only time George Carlin narrates for the UK.

Thomas Episodes

  1. Thomas Saves The Day (Thomas Carpe Diems in Latin America)
  2. Terence The Tractor

Bonus Song

  • You Can't Judge A Book By It's Cover

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