Based on the Mr. Conductor's Adventures movies Mr. Conductor's Adventures of Talespin is a series featuring both Mr. Conductors Alec Baldwin & George Carlin & featuring Sister Conductor featuring one Thomas Story & one Jay Jay story in each episode

Thomas: seasons 1 to 6 are allowed

Jay Jay: original models & CGI series are allowed

Episode 1: Plunder and Lightning parts 1, 2, 3 & 4


  • Thomas Stories told by George Carlin
  • Jay Jay Stories told by John William Gaft

Thomas Stories:

  1. Thomas Gets Tricked
  2. James Learns A Lesson
  3. Pop Goes the Diesel
  4. Trust Thomas

Jay Jay Stories:

  1. Jay Jay's First Flight
  2. Tracy's Fantastic Journey
  3. Old Oscar Leads the Parade
  4. Tracy's Magic Moment



  • Since this is the first episode four Jay Jay stories and four Thomas stories are used
  • Sister Conductor gives Mr. Conductor a special whistle which makes him tell the Jay Jay the Jet Plane stories

Episode 2: From Here to Machinery


  • Thomas Story told by George Carlin
  • Jay Jay Story told by John William Gaft

Thomas Story:

  1. Diesel's Devious Deed

Jay Jay Story:

  1. Herky's Bright Idea



Episode 3: It Came From Beneath The Sea Duck


  • Thomas Story told by George Carlin.
  • Jay Jay Story told by John William Gaft

Thomas Story

  1. Percy's Promise

Jay Jay Story



Episode 4: Time Waits For No Bear

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