Mr. Conductor's Fairy Tales For Every Cartoon is Pikachufreak's idea starring George Carlin, Alec Baldwin and Michael Brandon as all narrators for the first, second and third seasons.


  1. Ash Ketchum and The Beanstalk
  2. Little Red Feeble Hood
  3. Tonysel and Saratel
  4. The Pokemon Breeder's New Clothes
  5. Rumpel-Penguin
  6. The Politoed Prince
  7. Sleeping Zoey
  8. Rapundelle
  9. The Valiant Little Eevee Brother
  10. Cinderena Tsukino
  11. Emily and The Leomon
  12. Star Butterfly and The 7D
  13. The Nerd and The Pea
  14. Rikocchio
  15. Paninilina
  16. Puss In Boots (Dreamworks style)
  17. The Pied Duelist
  18. The Twelve Dancing Pokemon Girls
  19. The Golden Golduck
  20. The Misty Mermaid
  21. Chloe Morrow and The Three Flies
  22. Brad Van Darn and Lily
  23. Ottoladdin
  24. The Chipmunks and Eustace Bagge
  25. King A.J. and The Golden Touch
  26. Miss Layla Mackenzie in A Rapping and Rhyming Special
  27. The Three Szyslak Sisters
  28. Sashi Baba
  29. The Pinewood Middle School Musicians
  30. The Shi-Han's Nightingale
  31. The Happy Ed
  32. Julie Kane
  33. The Politoed Princess
  34. The Aino Princess and The Parker Pauper
  35. Rip Van Wheeler
  36. The Snow Rocket
  37. The Steadfast Space Ranger
  38. Mitchie Hood
  39. Dexter's Fables

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