Mr. Conductor 5's new home is a spin off series of Shining Time Station and featuring Pierce Brosnan as Mr. Conductor 5 living with his pet dog called Yapper. he will narrate new Potential Plotlines episodes. It also featurs songs from season 8-.


No. Title Story 1 Story 2 Story 3 Story 4 Story 5 Song
1 A New Start Skarloey and D261 Arthur's Exploit Diesel 10s Scary Stories Spencer Drops a Clanger Big Strong Neville Buffer Up and Share
2 Yapper shows off Diesel's Lazy Day Inspector Diesel A Bad Day for James Spener's Big Fight Stanley and the missing christmas tree Every Day's a Special Day on Sodor
3 The Party Stanley's Tricky Tree Stepney and Spencer Thomas Saves Victoria Coaches and Crossings

Stanley, Diesel and Jack Frost

There's Always Something New
4 Construction Sir Handel's Do It Yourself Disaster Kelly's Jungle Fun Rosie Runs Away Clang Bang Bouncing Buffers Harold

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