Mr. Conductor Meets Arthur DVD Ideas is a crossover series featuring three or more Thomas stories from Seasons 1-7 and the Jack and the Pack mini series on Arthur episodes from Seasons 1-5 on DVDs.

Adventures of Water

Thomas Stories told by George Carlin.

  1. Percy's Promise (D.W. All Wet)
  2. Percy Takes the Plunge (Water and the Brain)
  3. All at Sea (The Shore Thing)

Adventures of Health

Thomas Stories told by George Carlin and Michael Brandon.

  1. Henry and the Elephant (George Carlin, Arthur's Chicken Pox)
  2. What's the Matter with Henry? (Michael Brandon, Sick as a Dog)
  3. Percy's Predicament (George Carlin, Arthur's Knee)
  4. Whistles and Sneezes (George Carlin, Buster's Breathless)

Duke the Lost Engine

Thomas Stories told by George Carlin.

  1. Granpuff (Arthur Writes A Story)
  2. Sleeping Beauty (I'm A Poet)
  3. Bulldog (Buster Hits the Books)
  4. You Can't Win (Love Notes for Muffy)

Stepney the Bluebell Engine

Thomas Stories told by George Carlin and Alec Baldwin.

  1. Thomas and Stepney (George Carlin, The Perfect Brother)
  2. Train Stops Play (George Carlin, Clarissa is Cracked)
  3. Bowled Out (George Carlin, Arthur vs. the Very Mean Crossing Guard)
  4. Stepney Gets Lost (Alec Baldwin, Lost!)

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