Based on the Mr. Conductor's Adventures movies Mr. Conductor Meets Dennis the Menace is a series featuring Mr. Conductor as he visits the world of the 1986 cartoon version of Dennis the Menace

Thomas Stories from season 1 to 6 are allowed

all 6 minute episodes of Dennis The Menace will feature one Thomas Story

all 10 minute episodes of Dennis The Menace will feature two Thomas Stories


Major Guest Stars:

  • Earl Sinclair [from Jim Henson's Dinosaurs]
  • Fran Sinclair [from Jim Henson's Dinosaurs]
  • Robbie Sinclair [from Jim Henson's Dinosaurs]
  • Charlene Sinclair [from Jim Henson's Dinosaurs]
  • Baby Sinclair [from Jim Henson's Dinosaurs]

Minor Guest Stars:

Episode 1: So Long, Old Paint/Trembly Assembly/Private I


  • Thomas Stories told by Alec Baldwin.

Thomas Stories:

  1. James & The Trouble with Trees ​[So Long, Old Paint]
  2. [Trembly Assembly]
  3. [Trembly Assembly]
  4. [Private I]


Episode 2: ?????

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