Growing Up with Hello Kitty

Sayting I'm Sorry

Thomas Story

  • James Learns a Lesson

Thomas Story 2

  • Foolish Freight Cars


  • Hello Kitty: I'm going to get in big trouble.
  • Mr. Conductor: Something like that happend of The Island of Sodor with James.
  • Hello Kitty: What did James do.
  • Mr. Conductor: Let me tell you (Mr. Conductor blows his whistlke and The Story James Learns a Lesson begins)
  • After the story
  • Hello Kitty: Did James get in trouble for banging the coaches and making that hole?
  • Mr. Conductor: That's an other story. But James learned not to bang coaches igain.

Qoutes 2

  • FiFi: I did't get in trouble beacuse I said to mum that I was sorry.
  • Mr. Conductor: Why don't I tell you the second part of James?
  • Hello Kitty: Did James said he was sorry to Sir Topham Hatt?
  • Mr. Conductor: Let me tell you (Mr. Conductor blows his whistle and The Story: Foolish Freight Cars begins)
  • After the Story
  • Hello Kitty: James did said he was sorry to Sir Topham Hatt and he was let ou of the shed igain.
  • Mimmy: I think you should say sorry just like James did.

Hello Kitty Paradise

Birthday Party Time

Thomas Story

  • Lady Hatt's Birthday Party

Thomas Story 2

  • One Good Turn


A Trip to Rainbow Park

Thomas Story

  • Horrid Lorry

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