I Love Chicken is a Mr. Conductor Meets Ren & Stimpy Season 4 episode.


Stimpy falls in love with a chicken that he is making, which makes Ren jealous.

Thomas Story

  1. A New Friend For Thomas

Jay Jay Story

  1. Herky Uses His Head


  • Thomas Story told by Ringo Starr.
  • Jay Jay Story told by Bob West and character voices by John Willian Gaft.


  • Ren: (wailing)
  • Stimpy: Ren, what's wrong?
  • Ren: It's just I...I...I missed you!! (wails some more) You and I used to do everything together,...but now it's you with the chicken, and there's no room for me! (wails even louder)
  • Barney: It reminds me of a helicopter.
  • Ren: Who's that?
  • Barney: Herky the Helicopter, who uses his head. I'll tell you about it. (blows his story whistle and steam fills up room) (narrating) Jay Jay and Tracy were working hard the new route to turn down at Frosty Pines. They studied the flight plan every day, until they knew each in every mile by heart.

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