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1. We Are Family: A Musical Message For All (DO NOT EDIT, ADD, CHANGE OR DELETE ANYTHING ON THIS PAGE!!!)

  • Mr. Conductor: Oscar sure reminds me of Diesel.
  • Buster: Who's Diesel?
  • Mr. Conductor: He's a grumpy engine that Duck was wary of. Here, I'll tell you all about it. (He blows whistle and the story "Pop Goes the Diesel" begins)

2. Star Finder

  • Mr. Conductor: Oscar isn't just like Diesel, he also acts like Bulgy!
  • Theo: Bulgy? Who's Bulgy?
  • Mr. Conductor: He's a red, bossy, mean bus that likes quite a little of the railways. I'll tell you about him. (He blows his whistle, story "Bulgy" begins)

3. Book People Unite

  • Mr. Conductor: Everyone's behaving like Thomas and Percy!
  • Madeline: Who are Thomas and Percy?
  • Mr. Conductor: Thomas and Percy are two nice little engines. Here, I'll tell you. (Blows whistle; story "Scaredy Engines" begins)

4. Double Get Wordy!

  • Mr. Conductor: You know who Grandma Thora reminds me of? Toby.
  • Cookie Monster: Wha?
  • Guy Smiley: What?
  • T-Bone: Who? Huh?
  • Cookie Monster: Who Toby?
  • Mr. Conductor: Toby is a brown tram engine. I'll tell you about him. (He blows whistle, story "Toby the Tram Engine" begins)

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